Ductile Iron

Ductile Iron Castings

Ductile cast iron also referred to as nodular iron or spheroidal iron, is called the metal materials’ unique molecular structure. In certain conditions (during metallurgy), the carbon molecules in the iron form a spherical shape, granting it the strength to mold and transform into any desired shape without losing its power and efficiency. This makes ductile iron the preferable metal for molding, apart from stainless steel. When the molten ductile iron is poured into the mold, it settles into the voids and forms the required shape.

Cast Iron Vs. Ductile Iron

Ductile iron was developed in 1948 and has become the most crucial alloy of many casting foundries. Compared to cast iron, ductile iron is less brittle and allows the iron to bend even before the heat treatment. If the molecular structure has to be reached, graphite and carbon molecules present within cast iron happen to be flakes, the same molecules are present in spheroids in ductile iron. The flexible nature of ductile iron makes it the most chosen metal to manufacture different shapes and forms.

Benefits of Steel Castings

Ductile iron is easy to mold and can be cast into any form and design.

Provides the designers to have the freedom to design.

Ductile iron also has a better strength to weight ratio.

It costs less to make casts using ductile iron.

Ductile iron is flexible when it comes to machinability and castability.


Gray or Grey Iron Properties


Higher than steel and stainless steel

Industrial Applications

The high ductility makes it the most usable form of iron in industrial applications, including pipe, automotive components, wheels, gearboxes, pump housings, etc.


Prone to external and internal corrosion but can be protected with the help of protection systems.

Mechanical Properties

Exhibits good elasticity, impact strength, elongation due to the spherical shape of its graphite.

Ductile Iron Castings at Maca

We at MACA manufacture high-quality ductile iron castings as per the client's requirements. We manufacture different ductile iron grades like 60-40-18, 65-45-12, 80-55-06, 100-70-03, etc.

We develop both customized and foundry made ductile iron castings and supplied them across the globe. Reach out to get your components designed with our top ductile iron castings.