We invite you to bring your project to us—let us show you our operation. The best way to grasp our capabilities is to see our foundry first hand. MACA sits on 35 acres in Springville, Utah. Nestled between the Wasatch mountains and Utah lake, the foundry floor elevation is 4,577 feet above sea level. You might think we’re biased, but we think our location makes MACA the most beautiful foundry in the world.


More than a foundry. We build our own foundry processing equipment. We have an excellent onsite fabrication team.

We have eleven molding cells for quick changes of tooling patterns to reduce downtime and increase output.

No matter the quantity, we're here to help. We are versatile. We have the ability to produce castings in a variety of sizes and quantities.

Our people grow with us. Foundry work isn't for everyone. When we find a good fit, we do all we can to keep them.

Our onsite lab enables us to ensure alloys are cast with your requirements. The consistency of our sand operations and our cast material is unmatched.

Our testing procedures are handled by the best quality team in the business. Quality is our job security. We do everything we can to exceed your quality expectations.