Gray Iron

Gray Iron Castings

Gray or grey cast iron is used for castings. The castings are usually the alloys of carbon and iron parts produced in foundries. They also consist of traces of phosphorous, sulfur, silicon, and manganese. The microscopic structure of gray iron castings reveals the presence of graphite flakes inside.

The castings also possess good tensile strength, ductility, impact resistance, compressive strength, and yield strength, making them suitable for many hydraulic components, gears, pumps, stove parts, manhole covers, etc. The castings are also one of the cheapest iron castings that can withstand thermal cycling well, without much effect in the long run to its structure or the castings' function.


The history of grey iron dates back to the 5th century. Gray iron is the first type of iron used in China to make pots, weapons, plowshares, etc. The castings came into heavy usage in the late 15th century, when the European artisans started using them to make heavy cannons for the British Royal Navy.

Gray or Grey Iron Properties

Alloy Components

Iron and Carbon

Part Utility

Plowshares, automotive suspension components, truck parts, valves weights, tractor parts, machinery bases, etc.


Agriculture, automotive, irrigation, architecture, ventilation, construction, transportation, etc.


Too brittle for few applications.

Mechanical Properties

Good tensile strength, ductility, impact resistance, compressive strength, and yield strength.

Casting Processes

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