Metal Grinding At Maca

As one of the top metal casting foundries in Utah, we at MACA Supply use the most efficient ergonomic and high-quality grinding techniques to carry on various grinding processes. With a team of dedicated and highly professional employees, we perform multiple metals like Hi Chrome Iron, Gray Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, and Ductile Iron.

What is Metal Grinding?

Metal grinding is the machining process used in metal cast foundries. In this process, the grinding wheel is often used for cutting metals. The grinding operations are mainly used to cut small metal parts of various shapes and sizes. This can help the machining employees to achieve the desired finishing to the metals.

As one of Utah's largest core foundries, we at Maca Supply own large grinding machines to develop various metals' cast products. Our own types of grinding machines like Pneumatic Hammer have helped us be recognized as one of the best metal grinding service providers in Utah. We have offered our grinding services to various metal products used in different industries.

Different Types of Grinding Processes at Maca Supply

Centerless Grinding

OD Grinding

Internal Grinding

Surface Grinding

Electrochemical Grinding

Double Disk Grinding

elow are a few prerequisites we request from our clients before starting with the metal grinding process or providing an RFQ for the metal grinding based on the requirement.


We recommend the clients provide the required tolerance of the workpiece before starting the metal precision grinding process. We also determine the critical and non-critical tolerances of different metal parts and their impact on the final product's functionality. This can help us align the suggested tolerance to the part's usability and see if we can reduce the metal's tight tolerances, which in turn reduces the grinding process's overall cost.

Characteristics of the Required Part

Be it any metal grinding process among the ones mentioned above, to start with it, we will need to have the specifications like depth, width, length, maximum corner breaks allowed, etc. This can help us to avoid conflicts between us once the grinding of the product is done.

Engineering Drawing

We always ask our clients to provide a detailed engineering drawing of the metal to be grinded . This can help our employees clearly understand the dimensions like length, breadth, width of the material. Engineering drawing can also conflicts later, after the entire metal grinding process is done.

Part Usage details

Tell our vendors the end application of the grinded metal part. This can help them suggest you appropriate metal grinding process to match the part's durability to its utility. Doing this can give you the best applications of the end product and get you good feedback from your customers.

Calibration Device

Calibration devices can help you get the correct measurements of the metal grinded. You can also align the device measurements with acceptable standards. As one of the top-notch metal grinding vendors, we at Maca Supply recommend our clients to suggest to us the required calibration device to ensure that all the grinded metals are precisely cross calibrated.

Raw Material

Whether you provide us the raw material or you want us to provide it, we are okay with it. We provide high-quality raw material to all our customers to date, which has made us the best metal grinding vendors in the industry. Either way, we ensure that to include the source, size, grade, and quantity of the material you will need based on the metal grinding process you opt for.

Quantity of the Part

If you are to request a quote from us; to get a near-perfect one, we request our clients to provide us with the exact quantity of the metal to be grinded. We have different prices for one-time jobs and long-term clients because we always look forward to maintaining long-term relations with our customers. If it is a long-term requirement, provide us the details of how frequent and how many metal pieces are to be grinded hourly/ weekly/ monthly, or annually.


We value your time. So, we request our clients to provide us the deadline for each requirement. Being one of the well-known metal grinding companies, we promise to provide all the deliverables at the agreed time of delivery at affordable pricing.

Why are we the best metal pouring foundries?

High-quality metal precision grinding processes of different metals performed by premium equipment

On-time delivery of the metals grinded along with the shipping of the products

Highly skilled professionals can suggest the proper grinding process based on the part utility and applications

Realistic RFQ's for all the customers with the appropriate prerequisites as mentioned above.

Open for any kind of inspection methods once the metal grinding of the parts is done

ISO 9000 certification for all the metal casting, grinding, molding processes we perform at our foundry

If you are one of those companies looking for the best metal grinding vendors, you can surely reach us. Maca Supply guarantees you to deliver the best precision metal grinded materials that will want you to come back to us again. Contact us for any inquiries related to metal grinding processes of any metals like Hi Chrome, Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, and Stainless Steel.