Heat Treatment Services at Maca

At Maca, we offer a heat treatment process of various metals like Hi Chrome, Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Stainless Steel, and Steel. We have got a dedicated team of metallurgists who have deep expertise in dealing with various thermal processing services of metals of huge weights. To date, we have managed to establish ourselves as one of the prominent heat treatment companies in Utah

What is Heat Treatment of Metals?

Heat treatment is a process of continuously heating and cooling both ferrous metals and nonferrous metals. The process's main aim is to improve the mechanical properties of the metal's surface hardness, temperature resistance, flexibility, and strength. Some of the best metallurgists and engineers in the industry handle any metal that undergoes heat treatment at our foundry.

Common Heat Treatment Methods at Our Foundry





Stress relieving



The Heat Treatment Procedure we follow at Maca Supply

The main aim of heat treatment is to alter the particle's structure at a micro level to obtain the desired mechanical properties in the end


Any heat treating services mentioned above start with the heating step. It is usually performed to change the structure of the alloys as per the desired final product. Heating the metal uniformly ensures that every corner and the entire surface of the metal maintain uniform properties.

Various metals like steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile iron, etc.. may exhibit different mechanical properties and heat tolerance. Some of them might expand when heated at room temperature. At the same time, other metals require the critical temperature to exhibit required changes in conductivity, overall condition, size, and cross-section of the metal. All these factors must be considered before the metal is heated to a temperature. .


Holding, also referred to as soaking, is the second step of the process. During holding, the metal is held at a specific temperature to attain the metal's internal structural changes. Various heat treatment processes follow different holding duration. The time also depends on the type and size of the material. The holding time is directly proportional to the size of the part. Large parts have more significant holding times, and trim has comparatively less.

While holding, the temperature of the metal should never be set to holding temperature instantly. Instead, the metal has to be heated slowly below the temperature where the structural changes occur. Once the entire metal is heated uniformly heated, the temperature is then raised to the desired temperature for internal changes.


Cooling is the last stage of the heat treatment process, making the metal suitable for various applications. It is the final step of the heat treatment process where the metals are cooled and returned to room temperature. There are different cooling mediums like solid, liquid, and gas to perform the cooling step.

The metal size and type are the typical constraints for choosing the cooling medium of any heat treatment methods like stress reliving, case hardening, etc. Different solutions like brine, water, and oil mixtures can perform rapid or slow cooling.

Why are we the best heat treatment service providers?

Automated and well-equipped heat treat ovens to perform the heat treatment process of any metals in bulk

Extra-large heat treatment capacities to all the equipment's

Tell us your requirement, and our metallurgists shall suggest the best heat treatment method

RFD quotes with approximate final pricing details

On-time deliveries of all the heat treatment processes along with the shipping of the metals

ISO 9000 certification for all the heat treatment processes we perform at our foundry


Contact us if you are looking for the best metal heat treatment services in Utah. We have got the best engineers and metallurgists at our foundry who have given us the best results for all the heat treatment projects we have handled to date.