Hi Chrome Iron


Hi Chrome Iron

Hi, Chrome Iron, also known as White cast iron, is made with high chromium content. The high chromium content in the metal limits continuous iron carbides, thus preventing iron wastage. The metal is developed to provide the highest degree of toughness and retain excellent abrasion resistance.

This makes Hi Chrome Iron the preferable form of alloy for all the applications subjected to abrasion and sudden impact, like large diameter dredge pump impellers. The mining industry uses the metal to manufacture the pump and valve parts to enable the machinery to withstand high impact and abrasive conditions.

Hi Chrome Iron Properties

Chromium Percentage

15 to 25 Percentage.

Part Utility

turbines, grinding balls, impellers, etc.


Mining, milling, manufacturing industries, and earth-handling.


Crack prone and non-weldable.

Mechanical Properties

High hardness in a cast state, low fluctuation of hardness when properties change.


We, at MACA Supply, provide you with all variants of white cast iron. Be it ASTM A532 Class III Type A, Pliant 25, Granite 25, Diamond 25, Tough 25 or Nihard 1 Type-A, Unique Alloy, etc. We help our clients to choose the right alloy based on the required components and their mechanical properties. Contact us today for any Hi Chrome Iron castings of different elements.