Metal Melting At Maca Supply Company

Being one of the top metal foundries in Utah, Maca offers metal melting services of various metals like Hi Chrome, Gray Iron, steel, and stainless steel. Our metallurgists are all experienced and can evaluate the appropriate melting temperatures of various metals. Tell us the metal applications,and we shall take care of melting the castings to the required level and make them suitable for the application.

What is Metal Melting?

Metal melting is a process performed in the foundries to convert the solid castings into molten metal and thus operate at high temperatures than the existing holding furnaces. The melting furnaces are different from the holding furnaces because they will have to be resistant enough to tolerate high temperatures, unlike ordinary furnaces. maca uses high-quality melting furnaces to ensure that the optimum melting point of the metals is maintained before feeding the metals to the die casting furnaces. As a metal meltings foundries in Utah, we own melting furnaces that include circulation pumps, precast refractory shapes, integrated melting systems, flux, flux-injection equipment engineering services, furnace tools, thermo couples,heated troughs and gaskets, and seals.

The Melting Furnaces Types Used at Maca Supply

Induction furnaces

We use the induction furnaces at our foundry to mostly melt the steel castings. The induction furnaces of Maca are of the finest quality and can produce huge tons of steel at each charge. These furnaces usually work with magnetic fields rather than with electrical arcs. When the metal is introduced into these furnaces, it is charged by a crucible surrounded by a powerful electromagnet made of coiled copper. Once the furnace is turned on, the coil creates a rapidly reversing magnetic field by introducing an alternating current. As the metal melts, the electromagnet creates eddies within the liquid that self-stir the material.

Perks of Choosing Maca Supply for Metal Melting

Reduced melt loss of the metals and enhanced metal quality like never before

Improved furnace efficiency maintaining the optimum energy required for metal melting

Enhanced chemical and temperature homogeneity of the melted metals

Increased shelf life and refractory life with the help of lower roof temperatures

Less dross and increased quality of the metal melting performed at the foundry

Lower maintenance costs and higher throughput rate of the metals

Contact us to know more details of the metal melting services we offer at our foundry. We are just a call away and are always ready to clear your queries regarding any kind of casting,  melting, pouring process we offer.