Metallurgical Lab at MACA Supply Company

Being one of the largest Foundries in Utah, MACA Company owns a high-quality metallurgical lab in Utah to ensure that only high-quality raw materials go into all the metal castings the company manufactures, grinds melts, etc...

Apart from just testing the raw materials, the lab is also used to perform the chemical analysis, mechanical testing, and microstructure analysis of the cast parts and various metals that undergo any of the casting methods we deal with.

Below are a few pieces of equipment and testing procedures of our metallurgical lab. We use them to provide our clients the quality assurance of all the casting processes we deal with.

Metal Chemical Analysis Testing

Metal chemical analysis testing is usually performed to test every element of a metal sample. The process analyzes various metals like Hi Chrome, Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, and Stainless Steel. We at MACA, as one of the reliable metallurgical testing companies in Utah, own two high-quality emission spectrometers to provide accurate chemical material analysis.

Mechanical Metal Testing

Mechanical metal testing includes testing the tensile properties such as strength and flexibility of the metals. Apart from this, hardness testing is also helpful to test the mechanical properties of micro and macro metal samples. MACA has various hardness scales to measure the hardness of micro, large and extra-large metals.

Failure Analysis of a Metal

With a wide range of metal testing equipment, we at MACA Company are capable of finding the root cause of failure in any metal casting process. We use many methods like Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), EDS Analysis, Microstructural analysis, and many more to do a qualitative failure analysis. These tests can help us identify fracture initiation point, mode, and speed of propagation, etc.. of a metal. As one of the supreme metal castings manufacturers, we also provide detailed reports of every metal testing process we deal with.

Reach out for any additional queries about our metallurgical lab and the equipment we own. We are here to ensure that all our clients get only the top metal castings. You can also reach us out to test metal castings manufactured by any other foundry in the industry.