Metal Injection Molding

At MACA, we offer supreme quality injection molding for all the projects we handle across the globe. Our exceptionally talented team works round the clock to deliver high-quality molding for all the metal casting projects.

We try to acknowledge the client's requirements and try to deliver them the most economical products without compromising on quality or performance.

How we mold?

We use over 10 molding lines capable of producing castings that weigh ounces to molds 20 square feet in size. With a complete network of over a hundred highly skilled workers, our equipment we produce the most high-quality moldings of the metals.

Molding Procedure We Follow

Injection Molding is one of the best methods to manufacture plastic, the primary material of many consumer products used today. At MACA, we follow the basic steps to mold various metals like hichrome, gray iron, steel, stainless steel, and ductile iron. Here are the basic steps we follow to mold the metals.

Product Design

Design is the crucial factor of any production process. We work with our clients to develop a product design that can fulfill various objectives like function, aesthetics, manufacturability, assembly, etc. We have got a set of skilled team of designers who are capable of developing a product design that can address all the complexities involved in a particular project we deal with.

Benefits of Product Design

Allows quicker iterations and more accurate prototyping in later stages of molding

Accomplishes all the required objectives to satisfactory levels and beyond

Acts as an opportunity to prevent expensive mistakes at an early stage

Have a clear plan of what you are going to do later

The Mold Design

Once the product design is ready, we start with the mold design. The mold design is another step that acts as a preventive mechanism of the mistakes that happen during injection molding. Different types of metals are molded using various injection molding steps. The mold design includes the construction of 2D and 3D design models that can determine mold sides and steel sizes. Once these are reviewed and approved, the detailed design is finalized.

The Mold Manufacturing

This is the final step of manufacturing the mold. We carry on the process cycle of injection molding in the following stages.


This is the foremost stage of the injection molding, where the two halves of the mold are enclosed in the clamping unit. Out of the two halves, one of them is attached to the injection machine and the other is allowed to slide. The hydraulic power of the clamping unit is capable of tightly keeping the halves closed when the molding material is injected.


The raw plastic material used in the form of pellets is inserted into the injection machine and pushed toward the mold. During this process, the materials melt by the heat and pressure created inside. The molten material is then injected into the molds very quickly to build pressure packs that can hold the material.


The molten material inside the mold cools down as it gets in contact with the inner mold surfaces. This lets the particle to get into the desired shape once it is completely cooled. The material is shrunk due to the heat and can be recovered in the ejection stage.


Once the material is completely cooled, it is ejected by using an ejection system attached to the rear half end of the mold. The ejection requires a lot of force to be applied as the shrunken part during cool adheres to the mold. To ensure smooth ejection of the mold, a mold release agent is sprayed onto the surfaces of the mold cavity before injection of the material.

Not only Injection Molding, but our engineers at MACA also have deep expertise in various kinds of molding like, compression, extrusion, and blow molding.

Our Prerequisites from clients before starting the molding processes

Desired Part Description

We at MACA, recommend clients to give us complete details of the product to be molded along with its description before starting the mold design to ensure that the design is appropriately made as per the requirements.

Size and Shape of the Part

We also need the estimate of the exact size and shape of the material along with the details like wall thickness. Having these details can help us mitigate the risks caused by warpage, bow, and other defects while molding. Engineering drawings of the required parts are essential to start mold manufacturing.

Part Functionalities

The part functionalities are to be clearly understood by both the parties before starting the project. This can ensure that the final product delivered is of superior quality.

Get a Quote

Reach out to answer all our questions regarding the molding design and get a quote of the estimated price based on the weight, type, shape, and size of the required material.


We are one of the top molding manufacturers and foundries, we are capable of managing documentation, costs, and processes required for cross-border shipping.

Shipping and Warehousing (Information Required)

Contact us for further details on the process, shipping, price, or estimated delivery date. The time of delivery depends on the quantity of the order.