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Maca supply offers high-quality metal painting services of various metals like Hi Chrome, Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, and Stainless Steel. Whether you want to paint the metal tools, equipment, or any other metal surfaces with paint sprays, we are here to guide you with the right acrylic paint for metal pieces.

What is Metal Painting?

Metal paint is noting but painting the metal surfaces. It is mainly used to give a new look to old metal surfaces. Metal has been the most lovable surface for many artists who love to paint. At Maca supply, we offer metal painting services for different metals. We have our equipment like a large paint booth of 35'' Long x 18'' Wide x 16'' High to paint the metals.

Our Metal Painting Procedure for all Painting Projects till Date

As one of the prominent metal painting services providers in Utah, we follow a well-organized process before applying paint for metal surfaces.

Cleansing the Metal Surfaces

Before starting metal painting of any metal surface, it has to be adequately cleaned. Use the We use a professional paint scraper to remove any oil, grease, or any other strain struck on the metals. Before starting to paint the metal surfaces, we always have mineral spirits because they always act best to remove strains on metal pieces.


Removing Paint from Metal

Before applying new paint to the metal, we first remove old colors using main industrial painting methods like wire brushing, scraping, and sanding. We also sometimes use additional techniques such as power tool cleaning to remove the metal paint quickly.

Get Rid of the Rust

The presence of rust can result in a loosened paint which damages the look of the metal part. To avoid the same, it is always better to get rid of the rust deposits before painting the metal surfaces. We always ensure that we suggest the best anti-rust paint for metal for our clients who choose us to be their industrial painting partner.


Choosing the Right Primer and applying it

As one of the top metal painting service providers, we recognize how important it is to apply primer before starting the metal painting process. We use supreme rust-inhibiting, galvanized, and iron oxide primers to ensure that there is no dust on the metal surfaces after the painting is done.

Once we are done with the above four steps, we carry on with the metal painting by choosing the exact colors per our client's requests.


Acrylic Paint

Acrylic painting is one of the famous paints we use at our foundry to paint metal surfaces. It is composed of pigment particles dispersed in an acrylic polymer emulsion. The main components of acrylic paint include pigment, binder, and vehicle. We use acrylic painting in many of our metal painting projects because of its drying capacity, a wide range of consistencies. Besides this, we can use acrylic paint as both experimental or a traditional style of painting. The paint is also highly corrosion-resistant and does not fade up to almost eight years after being applied on any metal surface. The best part of acrylic is that it can be used as both interior and exterior painting.


Alkyd Paint

As one of the top metal casting foundries in Utah, we use Alkyd paint in painting metal castings we mold as preferred by our clients. The painting is made of polyester called alkyd which acts as a resin binder. Alkyd paints also possess quick-drying capabilities similar to Acrylic paints. There are two different types of alkyd paints basically, traditional Alkyd and hybrid Alkyd paintings. Among these two, hybrid acrylic enamel is usually used for all metal applications. We prefer alkyd paintings for the clients who look for the durability of the metal castings.

These are the two primary metal paints we use to handle all our metal painting projects to date. With a skilled metal painting professional’s team, we are recognized as one of the top metal painting service providers to date.

Why are we the Best Metal Painting Service, Providers

We use unique metal painting patterns based on your requirements and expectations of the metal's look after it is painted.

Our metal painting sparkle in the dark, giving the entire metal part an impressive look

The multifunctional paint gives a glazing finish for all the metals we handle

We offer trouble, damage, and rust-free metal painting services to all our clients.

We also offer eco-friendly metal painting services. All the metal pants we use are abrasion resistant, non-toxic, translucent, odorless, and non-flammable.


Contact us to get a quote on the metal painting services we offer. Be it any kind of metal; we are always ready to be your metal painting partners.